Allison English Watkins - Master Photographer, Craftsman, CPP English Photography: Rubba...Dub...Dub.... Mister W in the tub

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February 08, 2009



I just feel honored to say that I know you. These pics are awesome. I am in complete awe of everything you do!


Cannot believe I am seeing these for the 1st time only tonight! Love em'. Thanks Al. So sweet!


Love these pics. I never would have thought of the bathtub idea. Is this the cutie that you photographed last year with the hat on? So cute!!!!

Soja Said

Great pics! Cute bubby boy! I bet someone's husband has a fun time cleaning that bright white bathroom.

Soja Said

Love the pics! Cute bubbly boy. I bet someone's husband must have a fun time cleaning that bright white bathroom!


These pics are great! It's fun to see what you've done!

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