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April 03, 2009



Nice Al,
The slideshow is of course showing your potential to just boot the wedding videographer right out of his job, and with another assistant you could be doing it all. Like you need another skill set! But think... you could take the engagements and the bridals and you'd have the video they run in the reception. DANGER! Allison doesn't need to be good at one more thing. Like we can stop her. Soon we'll just have the whole wedding production company going. And then when will you shoot families?
Oh, what you could charge sororities to take their class pictures, solo shots for the new girls and the officers, and then edit their class video. They'd be all over that, wouldn't they?
Keep up the good work!

Karina Gonzalez

You did an awesome job on my cousins photos! I would love to be one of your next photography sessions for next year! :)

Heather Cook

I love the movie addition. Everything you do is golden. You never stop rockin!


I, for one, witnessed your extensive experience with slide shows. They were good way back then, and they're terrific now. And you had a beautiful subject to photograph. Thanks for sharing.

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