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June 23, 2010



Yea and Yippee, this family earned and deserves a free mini album. Every post should have a dozen or more comments.

Bitchin Lori Hand

So I go camping and you turn into Bo Derek. Yes..Stefano is Dudley Moore. Great pics. Sorry I am #13. I really think that you should be in your cheerleading outfit from Jr. High if the photographer really wants to capture the real you!!!!


Yes!!! I'm number 12!!! Way to go suz, free pictures! When did they grow up? It's all a blur. Allison really captured your natural smiles and I love the action shots. Great pictures, great family.


Awesome pictures! I really like the idea of the informal setting on the football field.

Linda Judd

Great action shots, but I like the one of the whole family by the fence. The love shines through!!

elizabeth knight

Very sweet. You are a photogenic family! I'm with Annette, Suzy, you are a 10!

Jen Patton

I love it, these are the best family photos I have seen. They have so much personality. Lookin'good.....lookin' good.

Amy Cotton

These are really great photos. You all look like your haveing a great time. It really does capture your family.

Eric Cannon

I really like the shot of the family running. Problem is it looks like Stef is having a hard time keeping up.

Kris Cannon

Love the action shots! I think that Will should have been in the pictures since he spends so much time at your house!

Jane Thomas

Great photos! Just what a family picture should be...natural,relaxed and fun! Looks like you guys had a great time at the photo shoot and the photographer captured great shots you will always treasure.

claire binder

These are some of the most beautiful photos of a family I have ever seen Suzy! Your family is gorgeous and so happy! You will cherish these forever.

Annette Malen

Suze, One word comes to mind, BO Derek. Just seeing you run with the wind
in your hair totally reminds me of that famous photo.
I love those photo's. They really capture the essence of your great family.
I want to see the rest of them. I especially love the photo of Stef running to
tackle D-man.


How much fun it that, to be active and relaxed during a photo session instead of being so formal? This session just shines with family togetherness.

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