Allison English Watkins - Master Photographer, Craftsman, CPP English Photography: BIG NEWS- NEW BABIES

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July 29, 2010


Tami Foulger

The pictures are so amazing. The shots are PRECIOUS! Emily look beautiful. I can't wait to see more.


I just love these pictures and can't wait to get them printed up for our house. So beautiful.

Karen Schulte

Emily how do you look so gorgeous and get your kids to brush their hair??? These pics are so special - well done!

Circe Dopp

Had to comment. Just too beautiful!

claudia scalley

Oh!!!! Allison - These are beyond words! Thank you from a very proud grandmother! Claudia

Cathy Birch

So dang cute!!!! I love the little smile on the top. Em - You look gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

Kathleen Rich

Those pictures are awesome! Great job Allison. Great job Emily getting all those darling kids here!

Matt Johns

Thanks for sharing these pics with us - it's amazing what 2 more can add to a family and these pictures capture it all. Great job Allison, and good luck Scalley's - We love you!!


Wow,those are fabulous pictures! Way to go Scalley Family for looking so beautiful and Alison for doing such a great job capturing it all! So great, so jealous! ;)


Lisa Callister

These pictures are so beautiful. Allison, you have catured my sister's family perfectly. Your pictures are always the best. I can't wait to meet my new nephews next week. Love, Lisa.

Emily Scalley

LOVE THESE PICTURES! I can't wait to show Taylor what a good pee can do for a picture! We are excited to see the rest.


Those are about the greatest images I have seen. You've surpassed yourself.
I'm sure they'll love to show these off.

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