Allison English Watkins - Master Photographer, Craftsman, CPP English Photography: Backyard Art- Season Finale

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August 25, 2010


Natalie Bruner

I have to say thank you to YOU Allison. Between exposing my children all your favorite artists, spending time with your family and all our friends children on a weekly basis, in the beautiful setting of your backyard... and having the opportunity to exercise restraint and learn the balance of how much to assist my children in their creative endeavors, and how much to let them do on their own. It was an amazing summer doing Backyard Art with you!

Liza Hoke

Allison, your summer art adventure was so fun to follow. Your children will all love and appreciate it more as they grow up.

Love and see you at the finish line in a couple of weeks! Aunt Liza


Message beautifully rendered. Congratulations on another level of growth. You continue to amaze and inspire me on a daily basis.
More, more, more art, please. The montage is terrific.

E Scalley

You are amazing Allison! My only input for you is to invite me next time when I am not pregnant with twins! Love you lots.

Marce Olsen

Hi Allison, Marce Olsen here..I'm so glad Annie told me about you. I love your blog and this is the best idea ever, I run a girl scout troop and our theme is a journey through a garden, this couldn't be more perfect. Can't wait to see our pics:)

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