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September 04, 2010


Sachi Osterloh

Wow guys! She's getting so big! Awesome family pics by the way :)


What a photogenic baby. Wish we could see more!

Rebekah Wightman

I think these are gorgeous. Emily looks like a total hottie in all of them :-) But really, they are gorgeous.


What beautiful pictures of such a sweet family. I can't get enough of them!!


Thanks so much for the fun session! These portraits are fabulous! Can't wait to see more!


I love the pictures! They look great!


Feel better!!!! AND - maybe take a day or two once in a while to take care of YOU!


oh, such perfect pictures! they capture all the beauty of one of my favorite families. can't wait to see more!


These capture the beauty of this family so well. What a great job! I only hope there are many more to be added to these too few. Thanks for letting us know about these m. You have the cutest daughter!


Aughhhhh- Not enough pictures of your cute little family! Surely there are more! JK Just gorgeous- I love each one and can hardly wait to see the whole album! I love that sweet smile.


That is one adorable baby, and a cute family, too. These photos have such a calm feeling of peace about them. Don't know quite what it is, but it can be felt in the viewing.
Glad you're turning the corner for the better. It's been a wild ride.


Hope you feel better soon!

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